Board of Directors Meeting 2002/01/05

Attending: Harvard Holmes, Bob Belshe, Guy Jones, LouisGoodell, Tracy Peters, Pat Peters, Bob Rudolph, Bruce Hobbs

  1. The Christmas Party at the Greenery broke even.  But we already know that they want to raise the room charge from $300 to $500, so we need to start looking for other options for  2002.  Possibilities include:
    1. the MDPA clubhouse with catering there.
      pro: reasonable room charge (assumed), and a kitchen for catering
      con: the room is not big enough for both groups at the same time
    2. Marie Calendars on Diamond Ave
  2. The Chapter should have more social events to attract and retain members (and members wives/spouses/significant others)
    1. pot luck meals at various hangars (there are pro's and con's)
  3. We should fill the position of Flight Advisor
  4. Several suggestions were made for sources for speakers
    1. a NASA authority on the Osprey
    2. the U-2 pilot Brian Scholl?
    3. SOPHIA – is this the 747 with a hole for an infrared telescope?
    4. Doug D? – Tiltrotor pilot
    5. a local aviation historian
    6. speakers bureau at Hiller Aviation
    7. speakers bureau at NASA
    8. Western Air Museum
    9. flying submarine guy??
    10. CAFÉ Foundation – Brian
    11. Dave Morse – Lancair test pilot
    12. Rocky Hill from San Jose or other airshow pilots
    13. Jack Cox – writer in San Diego?
    14. the MiG at Bryon ? Chris Rossi?
    15. Angel Flights – do they make presentations?
  5. Pat Peters asked the board to review and approve a letter to Mendex (CCR manager) regarding an Airport Appreciation Day.  There are no other activities at CCR this year; the airshow was not even held last year.  Pat wants to avoid getting financially involved with the airport by avoiding admission charges (although donations may be ok), and by asking the airport management for minimal or no services.  Several aspects of this proposal were discussed: merchandising, security, access (location), scope (airplanes only), insurance, and others.
  6. Bob Belshe was railroaded into being the Membership Chairman
  7. Strategies for the Cleco: smaller, a new masthead, refocus on experimental aircraft, and coordinate better with the web site.  Columns so far:
    1. Technical Counselor's colum (Rick Lambert)
    2. Young Eagles (Pat Peters)
    3. Calendar of events
    4. Presidents Column (Harvard Holmes)

To arrive 5 or 6 days before themeetings.

  1. Re-emphasize the fly outs. 
    1. Start at 10 am
    2. Meet at the terminal rather than a hangar to avoid access problems
    3. 100 nm away or less
    4. Announce a destination in advance so people can plan
    5. possible destinations: Columbia, Clearlake, Half Moon Bay, Corning, Auburn, Placerville (food?), Watsonville, Petaluma, Salinas, Vacaville, Marysville, Hollister, San Carlos (and see the Hiller Museum), Castle (museum with restaurant), Reid-Hill View, Livermore, Napa, Sacramento Executive, Santa Rosa, Willows Glenn County, Marina, Monterey, Pine Mountain Lake,
  2. Review the activities of other chapters to see what appeals to members
  3. Review web sites for ideas (Chap 1000 – Mojave)
  4. We need
    1. historian
    2. raffle person
    3. photographer – Tracy Peters
  5. Sponsor a seminar to maintain members interest – spatial disorientation or a flying start program