Your EAA Membership Benefits

What They Are and How They’ve Changed


We’re often asked “what are the benefits of belonging to EAA?”  The answer can be a long one depending on what that individual’s interests are as EAA has a vast offering of benefits and services.  And they are evolving and improving all the time.  But let’s just start with the basics and explore what’s new in a $40 EAA membership.


Every member receives his/her choice of a monthly magazine.  EAA SPORT AVIATION is the flagship monthly publication for members interested in the broad scope of recreational aviation with editorial geared to the flying, buying, building, restoring and maintaining of all types of aircraft.  We are currently in the process of expanding our coverage of production aircraft news and hands-on topics. EAA SPORT PILOT & LIGHT SPORT AIRCRAFT magazine is new just this year and its editorial is aimed at those who’ll fly the newest special light-sport aircraft, including fixed wings, trikes, powered parachutes, gyrocopters, gliders, and Part 103 ultralights.  Your membership includes a choice of either membership or you can add on the additional magazine.


EAA member benefits at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh each year have also increased.  Now members not only have greatly reduced admission fees, but you’ll receive discounts on specially priced meals from several food vendors, have access to the members-only internet café, and enjoy member events in the new EAA Member Village near AeroShell Square.  And the list will be sure to evolve over the next few months as we set plans for the 2005 event happening July 25-31. Watch this space for more details on “The World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration.”


EAA’s Insurance Program has expanded with the addition of insurance for students and renters.  This non-owner insurance plan is Sport Pilot-ready.  In addition EAA, and Falcon Insurance have developed an outstanding insurance plan for all types of aircraft including expanded coverage, service and great pricing for members.  Call today for a free quote at 866-647-4322 or visit  EAA membership also includes preferred rates on other lines of personal insurance.


With the new Sport Pilot movement, EAA’s technical team is the leader in helping all aviators understand what the new ruling means and how it helps reduce the traditional time and cost barriers associated with training and aircraft ownership.  We have a special brochure series that answers many of the questions members have on this topic.  If you’d like to receive this information or have a question on Sport Pilot, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or visit the website at



Another new benefit of EAA membership this year is unlimited admission to the EAA AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh.  That’s right all members can visit the museum as often as they like-- at no additional charge. 


The EAA membership umbrella includes the wonderful ability to join a local chapter and participate in all of its activities.  Plus, EAA members also have the opportunity to join one or all of EAA’s affiliate organizations: EAA Warbirds of America, EAA’s Vintage Aircraft Association, and the International Aerobatic Club division of EAA. Plus, an affiliate of EAA is the National Association of Flight Instructors. The EAA Homebuilt Aircraft Council reaffirms EAA’s commitment to its homebuilding roots. There’s something for everyone!


With the EAA Flight Planner, EAA members can easily plan a VFR flight, view a route on current maps (including Sectional, WACs and other) check NOTAMs and weather, file with DUATs and many other functions.  This $50 value is free for EAA members, just check out the website at for more information.


For individual services, EAA provides a wealth of educational and technical benefits.  Access to pilot programs such as EAA Technical Counselors, Flight Advisors, Aeromedical Advisors, and Aviation Information Services representatives are ready to answer your aviation questions at 888/322-4636.  EAA’s education opportunities include SportAir workshops held around the country – the perfect place to learn about aircraft building and restoration.  Call 800/967-5746 for all the details. 


Working with kids via the EAA Young Eagles program gives the next generation of aviation enthusiasts the chance to take to the sky.  EAA members provide an introductory flight experience for kids aged 8-17 – members have flown more than 1,100,000 Young Eagles since the program’s inception.  Call 877/806-8902 for more information.  EAA’s Air Academy aviation camps provide a resident camp at Oshkosh headquarters for youth who are aged 12-18 interested in aviation.  Reach the Air Academy at 888/322-3229.


Finally, the discounts!  Great deals and discounts for EAA members abound:  you can save on everything from member discounts on Ford vehicles, John Deere equipment, Hertz car rentals, travel services, and even a preferred rate on the EAA VISA® credit card.


For more information on any of your EAA membership benefits we’re at your assistance on-line at or in person at 800/JOIN EAA (800/564-6322.)