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EAA ... is a national organization comprised of passionate aviation enthusiasts that promote and support flying. It’s mission is to grow participation in aviation by promoting the “Spirit of Aviation.”

EAA Chapters … are groups of these aviation enthusiasts within your community with a variety of aviation interests including building and flying airplanes, as well as promoting aviation through programs and projects.

Concord EAA Chapter 393 is looking to award a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual, between 16 and 19, an $11,000 Ray Aviation Scholarship to learn to fly this year.

To be considered you must be determined, dedicated and able to study and fly weekly.

Applications must be submitted before Midnight on April 30, 2024

Last year Brody was awarded the Ray Aviation Scholarship and now he is well on his way to becoming a professional pilot!



You Could Be Next!

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Applications must be completed before Midnight on April 30, 2024.

EAA Ray Aviation Scholarship Candidate Eligibility & Expectation Requirements:

Email questions to our Scholarship Coordinator.

 A. The Scholarship Candidate Selected Must:
  • Be between 16 and 19 years of age at the start of private pilot flight training.
  • Possess FAA student pilot and medical certificates.
  EAA Chapter 393 will assist with the process.
  Candidate may be required to pay pilot medical exam expense.
  • Have a flight training location and instructor selected.
 EAA Chapter 393 will assist with location and instructor selection.
  • Start pilot training within 60 days from receiving scholarship approval.
  Pilot training target start date is by 6/30/2024.
  • Commit to two (2) hours per month of volunteer service to EAA Chapter 393.
  EAA Chapter 393 will work with candidate to create volunteer activities and plan.
  • Commit to actively participate in pilot training planning and progress reporting.
  • Agree to complete and sign Flight Training Waiver and Photo Release forms.

 B. Pilot training milestones must be completed within the following timeframes:
  • First solo - within three (3) months.
  • FAA written exam passed - within six (6) months.
  An approved pilot ground school course must be completed prior to taking the FAA written exam.
  • Private pilot checkride passed - within twelve (12) months.

 C. Application submitted to EAA National from Chapter 393 for final approval must include:
  • Candidate’s EAA member number.
  Not required, but strongly urged to join EAA and sponsoring EAA chapter.
  • Pilot training commencement date (within 60 days of EAA approval).
  • Plan for meeting two (2) hour monthly Chapter volunteer commitment.
  • Digital copy of Candidate’s student pilot and medical certificates.
  • Flight training location and flight instructor.
  • Information about pilot training completed and/or underway.
  • Information about EAA and/or other aviation events attended.
  • Completed and signed Flight Training Waiver for Ray Aviation Scholars and Photo Release forms.
  • Contact information for person writing Candidate’s letter of recommendation.
  Recommendation will be provided by EAA Chapter 393 Scholarship Coordinator.
  • Candidate's 150-200 word essay on why they should be selected for a Ray Aviation Scholarship.

    Concord EAA Chapter 393 will provide the pilot training resources needed to earn your private pilot certificate and start your path to an AMAZING aviation career!



    If you have a Family Membership please see our Family Membership page for instructions on adding family members, editing a family members information, and removing a family member.

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