Organizational Meeting:  December 11, 2001 @ 6:00 PM

MDPA Office Conference Room




Users of Buchanan Field and Byron Airport need a strong representative organization to protect the interests of our airports.  Since the organization will become well known to the Board of Supervisors, it must be a clearly identifiable entity.  In this respect, the term coalition comes to mind:  an alliance for joint action.




1.       To present a united front to the Board of Supervisors which the Board can recognize as a legitimate, representative body and through which our interests on airport matters can be presented.

2.       To monitor activities of the Board relating to airport matters.

3.       To serve as a “clearing house” for dissemination of information concerning airport matters in order that each organization can keep its membership informed.

4.       If the Board will cooperate, to work with and provide expert advise to the Board and/or its committees in resolving airport issues.  In absence of such cooperation, to function as a strong lobbying group to force our input.

5.       To objectively consider input related to airport matters from any and all groups or individuals, whether pro-airport or con-airport.

6.       To meet and work with any and all other organizations on airport-related issues.




1.       One voting representative from each of the following airport users groups:


Flying Clubs

Buchanan Flying Club

Concord Flying Club

EAA 393

Mount Diablo Pilots Association

N.R.I. Flying Club

Ninety Nines

Valley Pilots


Airport Businesses




Concord Aviation

Concord Jet

Diablo Aviation

Helicopter Adventures

LCA Hangars

Navajo Aviation

Pacific States Aviation


Sterling Avionics


Airport Users

Byron Airport (at large)

Randy Alley (at large)

Roger Picchi

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The Airport Coalition






2.       Each organization shall select its representative to the Coalition Committee by whichever means that organizaton deems appropriate.

3.       Each organization will make a strong commitment to serve on the committee for a minimum of two years in order to ensure continuity.




Recognizing the different categories of representation (airport clubs, airport businesses, and airport users), there will be some differences in obligations.  Use the following as a guideline.


1.       Share the work load; we don’t want a situation in which two or three people carry the entire burden.

2.       Make an effort to attend meetings of other organizations in which substantive and critical airport issues are at the forefront.  However, it is recognized that each of us has other obligations (such as earning a living) which have some degree of priority.

3.       To be prepared to mobilize our members, customer, and others when a “show of force” is required.

4.       For representatives of flying clubs to:

a)       Keep the membership informed;

b)       Generate enthusiasm within the club for what we are attempting to do and promote active participation when it is needed;

c)       To coordinate an activity of “Board of Supervisor meeting monitoring.”  We need a continue presence at Board Meetings.

5.       To remain a united front to the Board of Supervisors and Airport Management.  Any disagreements will remain within our own body.

6.       To present ourselves professionally.  We must stick to facts and not lose our grip in emotionally charged situations.




1.       It must be made obvious to others that the coalition is genuine and not a flash in the pan that will disappear when a hotly contested issue dies down.

2.       The coalition is a “not-for-profit” airport users group.  There are no dues required to join.

3.       The representative body of the coalition does not require the formality of a president, vice president, etc.  A single chairperson to represent the body and coordinate activities is sufficient.

4.       One central address for the coalition will be decided at the first meeting.

5.       A Chairperson for the committee will also be decided at the first meeting and annually.

6.       Two Vice Chairpersons to assist in representation and duties also decided annually.