Board of Directors Meeting 2002/02/02

Attendees: Duane Allen, Guy Jones, Harvard Holmes, Bob Belshe, Bruce Hobbs

Discussion and Action Items:

1)  Guy Jones has investigated having the next Holiday Party at Marie Calendars and he will coordinate with Louis Goodell to reserve a room for Saturday December 14th. 

2)  A February speaker is not yet firm, but someone from Hiller Aviation is being worked on. 

3)  Bruce Hobbs suggested that the members could donate old aviation related magazines to doctor's offices and other public areas; a volunteer is needed to make up labels promoting the chapter, e.g., name, meeting time and place, and web page. 

4)  Flyout possibilities were reviewed. 

5)  Operation of the raffle and the income generated were discussed.  The raffle chairman usually spends $75 or so every 3 months; the tickets bring in about $50 per meeting. We still need a raffle chairman.