Board of Directors Meeting June 8, 2002 

Informal Notes


Harvard Holmes, Louis Goodell, Bob Rudolph, Duane Allen, Guy Jones, BruceHobbs

1. Web page woes - Our registration has lapsed; this appears not to be an EsoSoft problem - they have been very responsive to our inquiries. Duane Allen is working the problem.  We should eventually change the billing address to the EAA393's P.O. Box, so that individuals don't get stuck with it after they have left office.  Right now 3 people know how to access the system; we should be sure that we always have at least three who know how to do this.  We don't want to lose the momentum of our web page.

For emailing to the members, it was suggested that we set up a Yahoo email group. I started to check this out and discovered we already have an email group on Yahoo. It appears to have been set up in 1999 on and then it somehow got moved to Yahoo. The members entry shows Dennis Bryon as owner, and Bob Belshe as moderator.

2. Hangar Leases - The Airport Manager asked hangar renters to sign a very onerous lease that prohibited just about anything, including "unairworthy aircraft;" note that this includes aircraft during construction. Under pressure this has been delayed, but the fight is not over yet, and similar provisions will surely be attempted on other airport renters as soon as they can get around to it. The issue is currently being contested by Dave Long, and he has added Chapter 393 to the "Negotiating Team." This issue is also on the agenda of The Airport Coalition, and we have Bob Belshe and Scott Achelis representing our Chapter at TAC.  Harvard will compose a note to EAA headquarters and announce it at the general meeting so that any members can offer improvements or objections.

3. Our July general meeting is a picnic on July 13. Bob Belshe volunteered to coordinate, with Fred Egli, Tracy Peters, and Louis Goodell helping. Guy Jones has also volunteered to help with getting drinks of other transportation.  There was discussion of whether the picnic should be held in a hangar instead of the usual grass in front of Navajo - the reasoning being that it would be easier to view airplanes, and that there would be more shade. Ron Robinson's hangar was mentioned - this could be a complete surprise to Ron! Shadewise, the Chapter has a tarp in Pat Peters' hangar, and Bob Rudolph also has a tarp about 10' by 10'. We'll see what Bob and his helpers decide.

4. The June 29 fly out is set up to go to Visalia to visit Lycon Aircraft Engines. An email requesting signup will go out, and we will also take sign ups at the general meeting if the list is not full by then. Perhaps the next fly out will go to the Eagle and Rose winery near Anguin.

5. 45 Young Eagles were flown on Saturday June 1 at MDPA. Thanks Pat, thanks pilots, and thanks MDPA.

6. The B-17 is coming, and Harvard needs to contact them for any press kit that they may have, or determine that they will do all the advertising necessary.

7. We need to contact the California Pilots Association and see if they have any support for dealing with the lease situation at CCR. Who is a member of the CPA?