Hangar Spying
by Guy Jones
October 20, 2007

I went on a little field trip Saturday, the 20th. I took some "Spy photos" in a couple of hangars on the west side, with the help of a couple of the troops. I'm trying to get them set up in a useable form, with some descriptive prose. I'm sure you are aware of the disorder prevalent in most hangars where work is in progress. Bob Rudolph was present at his hangar, and Pete Wiebens was home in his. Pete also opened Peter Degl'Innocenti's hangar, so I took some pictures of HIS ongoing assembly/ design work/ adjustments on his landing gear. The WORD: Bob Rudolph's Tailwind currently has an engine mounted on its' nose, but he has another pretty red engine, which is destined to take the place of the one on the nose today. Pete Wiebens' ranks right up there with "the most extensive rework currently in progress". He has fabricated, and is currently assembling the hardware for, fully enclosed main-gear doors for his Glassair III. The cowl he is readying for installation is a re-routing of the main induction system, and the air inlet for the oil cooler.

1000 New(er) Engine for Tailwind

1005 Tailwind & proud owner

1006 Current installation on Tailwind

1002 Right side door for Tailwind

1017 Air filter box Glassair cowl

1020 New gear door for Glassair III

1016 Underside of cowl w/ induction on the bottom

1018 Location for oil cooler on left side of cowl

1021 front-on view of cowl on bench

1019 Wiebens' Glassair

1008 Peter Degl'Innocenti's Main spar "On the operating table."


1009 Various views of the Landing Gear linkage being incubated & modified



1012 Well-clecoed nose sheet metal of the Scale Model P-40