01_Ernst_Freitag Ernst talks about the construction of his RV-8.
02_HS_4 The jigs reqired for building are fairly simple. Here is the jig for the horizontal stabilizer.
03_hs_skeleton2.JPG Another picture of the horizontal stabilizer jig.
04_HS_3.JPG The horizontal stabilizer is jigged to be square.
05_HS_detail.JPG XXX
06_HS_4.JPG The spars are clamped in place prior to being riveted.
07_HS_skin.JPG The skin for the horizontal stabilizer comes with the holes prepunched.
08_VS_rudder.JPG Here is the rudder.
09_wing_box.JPG Here is the packing box for the wing spars.
11_HS_riveting.JPG Riveting the horizontal stabilizer takes two people.
12_W3.JPG Aligning the ribs on the spar.
13_W4.JPG Detail of the trailing edge spar.
14_W5.JPG One wing.
15_W6.JPG Michael assists with quality control.
16_W7.JPG The skin going on.
17_W8.JPG Forest of clecos.
18_W9.JPG More clecos.
19_Jig.JPG The jig for the fuselage.  
20_F1.JPG The fuselage construction started with this frame.  
21_F2.JPG The fuselage going together.
22_F3.JPG Skinning the side of the fuselage.
23_F4.JPG The bottom of the fuselage.
24_F5.JPG The landing gear attachment points.
26_F7.JPG Working on the top of the fuselage.
27_F8.JPG Skinning the front of the fuselage.
28_F9.JPG Looking toward the tail.
29_F10.JPG String as many cables and things as you can before you close up the rear of the fuselage.
30_Panel_rear.JPG Ernst wired his own instrument panel and was very happy with the result.
31_Panel_right.JPG View of the right side of the panel.
32_left panel.JPG View of the left side of the panel.
33_Panel_center.JPG Pilots view of the panel.
34_cowling.JPG Looking forward at the cowling.
35_Canopy_closure.JPG Fitting the canopy closure.
36_Tail_fairing.JPG The fairing for the tail didn't fit well, so a new one was made.  It started with forming the shape.
37_Tail_fairing2.JPG The shape was then covered with black electrical tape to keep the fiberglass and epoxy from sticking.  
38_Tail_fairing3.JPG The final result came out really well.  If fit snugly even without the attaching screws.
39_Engine1.JPG Ernst purchased a rebuilt engine with a new crankshaft from a Canadian company in Kamlooks for about $20,000.
40_Hose_test.JPG The hoses were tested with pressurized nitrogen.
41_Canopy_closure 2.JPG Working on the canopy closure.
42_Flowtest2.JPG XXX
43_Guillotine.JPG The guillotine.
44_Fusel level.JPG Leveling up the fuselage - note three levels.
45_Stabilizer_rigging.JPG Closeup of the levels.
46_First_start.JPG Ready to start the engine for the first time.
47_Ignition_timing.JPG Checking the ignition timing.
48_Paint_1.JPG Detail of the spinner, cowling and paint.
49_Moving_day.JPG Moving day.
50_thumbsup.JPG Ready to go.
51_Wing_rigging.JPG Attaching the wing and setting the incidence.
52_Paint_misshap.JPG Ernst's partner used his cowling as a mold, but it didn't release completely and come of the paint came off.
53_Interior.JPG XXX
54_Interior2.JPG XXX
55_Final_paintjob.JPG Final paintjob.
56_Before_first_taxi.JPG Before the first taxi.
57_Taxi2.JPG Second taxi run.
58_First_flight.JPG Getting ready for the first flight.
59_after_first_flight.JPG After the first flight.
60_In_flight.JPG In flight.
61_Oil_cooler_mod.JPG The engine ran a little hot, so the oil cooler was moved for better cooling.
62_Oil_cooler_mod2.JPG Another view of the oil cooler. 
63_Fuel_flow2.JPG Setup for checking the fuel flow.