Welcome to EAA Chapter 393
of Concord California

Kids Fly Free!!

Our featured member for September, 2022 is Don Whiteside. Don is an active pilot with a passion for his family and flying. Don became a Chapter 393 member in the 1980’s for a period of time until life and career got in the way. He rejoined our chapter in 2017.

Dons' father served in the Army Air Corps as a ‘Crash Boat Skipper’ and became a pilot by spending all his GI benefits learning to fly in Alaska. His dad introduced him to flying and encouraged him during the early years with trips in the family Stinson. 

Don began flying at age 16 and soloed while in high school but abandoned flying for a few years. In his early 20’s the flying bug struck again and Don received his Private Pilot license and ASEL rating. Don exercised his PPL privileges for business in the early days and now just flies for the joy and experience of looking down on the world because he can.