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Fly-Out days are special for EAA 393 Chapter members.   Weather permitting, the group may depart KCCR together or meet at a fun destination for an activity.  Departure is generally around 11:00 AM and participants return to KCCR around 4:00 PM.

Our Fly-Out Group, or FOG, is a group of general aviation pilots who participate in “flyout” adventures.  We come up with a fun reason to fly, pick an airport, and meet up at the destination. Sometimes it’s for training, sometimes it’s purely for adventure, but it’s always fun!  Everyone is welcome to participate in EAA Chapter 393's FOG.

Members interested in the Fly-Outs should include themselves by editing their profile and selecting Fly-Outs in Group Participation section. 

The Fly-Outs improve our flying skills while going to different destinations in Northern California.  Each destination may include any of the following activities:

Lunch, Walking, Hiking, Museums, Flight Safety Discussion, Camaraderie

This page reports on past Fly-Out destinations with a short description of the activity and attendees.  

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Date: 3/15/2023                     Destination: Ukiah  (KUKI)              Activity: Lunch 

 Attendees:  Paul, George, Carol, Victor, John, Isabel, Clint, Harvard

The City of Ukiah owns and operates the Ukiah Regional Airport and has owned the facility since the 1930s. The airport is comprised of one 4,400 ft. runway and taxiway, 160 acres in size, and has 87 aircraft based on site.

The Airport provides a myriad of services beneficial to the local Community.  From daily freight operations to emergency services such as fire suppression and medevac, and so much more, the airport is, in itself, an economic engine for the area.

In the past few years Airport staff in concert with the Airport Commission, have embarked on a program of improving the infrastructure of the airport due to age. We are improving pavement, repairing buildings, parking areas, adding security fencing, to name just a few projects. These improvements will keep the airport viable for many years to come.

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