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The Flea Market section of our web site allows members only to sell, buy or donate any item that is airplane, pilot, or hangar-related. Any airplane, pilot, or hangar-related item can be listed here in the "EAA Chapter 393" blog. 

·  It's 'free' to post your entries including photos (Press the Attach Button) by just clicking on the "Create topic" button below.  

·  The listings are auto-sorted by "Newest First".

·  The Flea Market page is viewable only by EAA Chapter 393 members. This precaution is necessary to filter out hackers and other types of troublemakers.

·  Remember that the Flea Market  is for aviation items only.   In other words, no non-aviation related items like cars or lawn mowers, politics, debates, illegal sales, personal issues, etc  You get the idea...

·  Postings for items that have been sold or given away, or have become too dated will be deleted.



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