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Harvard and Sara Holmes join EAA Chapter 393 shortly before Harvard got his pilot’s license in Oakland. A year later they purchased a Mooney with their brother-in-law. Harvard began flying Young Eagles after getting familiar with the Mooney and Sara volunteered for the ground crew. Harvard & Sara Holmes have been active in EAA 393 since 1997 and were honored in 2022 with a lifetime membership in Chapter 393 for their many years of service to our organization. They both have received the Chapter Perpetual Award; Harvard in 2004 and Sara in 2020. The steady theme of Harvard & Sara is that they have always been very active in many aspects of our Chapter that have been instrumental in leading the Chapter throughout the years.

Chapter 393 has benefitted greatly from the following help provided by Harvard & Sara:

1997: Harvard and Sara Holmes join EAA Chapter 393 shortly before Harvard got his pilot’s license in Oakland. A year later they purchased a Mooney with their brother-in-law. Harvard began flying Young Eagles after getting familiar with the Mooney and Sara volunteered for the ground crew.

Harvard has now flown over 700 Young Eagles.

2001: Harvard is elected President of the Chapter and serves through 2003.  He wrote many of the notes in the Cleco during his Presidency and continued to do so for many years. 

2003:  The Chapter Holiday Party is held in the MDPA building (now the Clubhouse) and Sara is very active on the planning and decorating committees organizing the event. 

2004: the Chapter Holiday Party is at the MDPA building again.  Harvard is presented with the Perpetual Award at the Holiday Party in recognition of his service to the Chapter.

Harvard and Sara accepting the 2004 Perpetual Award

2004 – 2005: Harvard Chairs the Board of Directors while serving as Webmaster and Fly Out Group Chairman. 

2006 – 2007:. Harvard becomes the Chapter Newsletter editor.

2008 and 2009: Harvard retreats to just being the Newsletter editor and Chapter Webmaster.  Irregular Fly Outs on Wednesdays begin occurring around this time, with Harvard managing the mailing list and suggesting destinations. 

2008: Sara began managing the Holiday parties at various locations over the years. She manages the invitations, reservations, name tags, menu choices, decorating and collecting money at the door.  Basically, she did it all very well.

2010: Harvard relinquishes the newsletter position (to Linda McKenzie and then Kevin Hoos) and the Webmaster position (to Renee Robinson).  Harvard continues to fly Young Eagles, but is now using the Lancair that he and Sara purchased from Fred and Vi Egli shortly before Fred’s death in December 2008.  Sara continues to assist as a ground volunteer at the Young Eagle events.

2012: President Bill Reining and the MDPA leadership accept an Airport offer to renovate and use the old vacant MDPA building.  Scott Achelis takes charge of the renovation, with Harvard working on the drop ceiling and the electrical wiring in the main meeting room, as well as later designing and constructing the fence around the non-paved outside areas of the building.  Sara also joined the crew and did sanding, painting and other finishing tasks.  The Airport stipulated that the building would be a shared use facility  currently named the Clubhouse.  Sara once again takes charge of the Holiday Party in 2012, arranging for Sunrise Bistro to cater it in the newly renovated Clubhouse.  

Sara helping renovate the clubhouse with her painting skills.

2014: Harvard becomes the Tool Coordinator and continues his attendance at the Board of Directors Meetings. 

2016:  Harvard accepts the Treasurer’s position from Bob Belshe.  He continues in that position through 2021 when Scott Davis takes over.  Harvard also continued as tool coordinator, with Sara cataloging the tools for the Chapter and moving them to the storage shed.  He relinquished the Tool Coordinator position to Lee Teicheira in mid 2021.

Harvard  continues to lead the Wednesday Fly Outs through the end of 2021.

2018:  The Chapter was willed an unfinished Sonex kit from longtime member Don Baldwin.  Lee Teicheira was just beginning his own project and volunteered to manage the Sonex project of getting the kit nearly finished so it could be sold to someone else for the completion and flying.  Sara found a hangar for Lee to rent in the northwest hangar area.

December 22, 2018: Harvard made the first flight (with a test pilot) of the Lancair IV-P, a project that Harvard & Sara had been working on since 2004.

2019: Sara organized and gave classes in composite construction, using the Sonex cowl as an example project.  Several Chapter members took advantage of this and Sara also helped a few members make fiberglass repairs to various airplane parts. 

2020: Sara is recognized with the Chapter Perpetual Award for her many contributions to the Chapter.

Sara accepts her Perpetual Award

at a General Meeting

2020: The Baldwin Sonex project was missing a few parts and Lee found another kit project in San Carlos that had the parts we needed.  Lee arranged to have the other project donated to the Chapter and a group of Chapter members moved the other project to Concord.  Harvard and Sara helped with the move and ended up storing the parts project in one of their hangars.  After the parts project had donated a few parts, Sara did an inventory of the other project and with some advertising she found a buyer on the east coast for the parts project.  With many Chapter members helping, the parts project was packaged up and shipped back east, netting the Chapter about $3000. 

2021: Harvard and Sara sold the Lancair IV that they had purchased from Fred and Vi Egli, and began flying their new Lancair IV-P exclusively. 

2022: Harvard and Sara have relinquished their formal duties and positions, but continue to attend Board of Director meetings and fly on the Chapter Wednesday Fly Outs as much as possible. 

Harvard accepts a Lifetime Membership in the Chapter for himself and Sara.

      Next time you see Harvard and Sara, be sure to thank them for their years of dedicated service to our Chapter 393

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