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Kids Fly Free!!

EAA Chapter 393

Whether you fly, build, restore or simply enjoy airplanes and aviation, you are welcome to attend our events and join our chapter. We are a group of aviation enthusiasts, aircraft builders, and pilots who get together with like minded people to share ideas, exchange information, encourage safety, participate in youth outreach and share our love of flying by hosting Young Eagles Rallies 5-6 times per year, where...

Kids Fly Free!

About EAA

Our chapter is part of the worldwide network of EAA chapters. EAA embodies the spirit of aviation through the world's most engaged community of aviation enthusiasts. EAA's 240,000 plus members enjoy the fun and camaraderie of sharing their passion for flying, building and restoring recreational aircraft. To find out more about EAA and our programs and services, please visit their home page at EAA.org 

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Local Community of Builders
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Monthly Dinner Meetings
Special Events
Fly Out Groups

EAA 393 Fly-Out Group

Our Fly-Out Group consists of EAA members and general aviation pilots who want to participate in “flyout” adventures throughout Northern California. Weather permitting, the group may depart KCCR together or meet at a fun destination for an activity, such as having lunch, walking or hiking, attending a museum or event, holding flight safety discussions and so much more! While these adventures improve our flying skills, the best part is being out and about with others that understand our passion to soar!

Please Join Us On Our Next Adventure!

Email a short introduction of yourself and your aircraft to the Wednesday group or

Sunday Group requesting to receive information for Future Adventures!

Year: 2024

1January, 2024
Jan 03 Past Board of Directors Meeting
Jan 06 Rich Finkle Celebration of Life
Jan 17 VMC & IMC Club
Jan 24 Past General Meeting & Monthly Dinner
Feb 07 Board of Directors Meeting
Feb 21 VMC & IMC Club
Feb 24 Concord Aviation Community Chili Cookoff!
Feb 28 Monthly Dinner
Mar 06 Board of Directors Meeting
Mar 20 VMC & IMC Club
Mar 27 Monthly Dinner
Apr 03 Board of Directors Meeting
Apr 13 Clubhouse Garden Work Party!!
Apr 13 John Potter Memorial Service
Apr 15 John Potter Burial
Apr 17 VMC & IMC Club
Apr 20 Young Eagles Rally
Apr 24 Monthly Dinner
May 01 Board of Directors Meeting
May 15 VMC & IMC Club
May 18 Young Eagles Rally
May 22 Monthly Dinner
Jun 05 Board of Directors Meeting
Jun 12 Chapter Development Membership Meeting
Jun 15 Young Eagles Rally
Jun 19 VMC & IMC Club
Jun 22 Girls in Aviation Day Planning
Jun 26 Monthly Dinner
Jul 03 Board of Directors Meeting
Jul 17 VMC & IMC Club
Jul 27 Girls in Aviation Day Planning
Aug 07 Board of Directors Meeting
Aug 17 Young Eagles Rally
Aug 17 Concord Aviation Community BBQ!
Aug 21 VMC & IMC Club
Aug 24 Girls in Aviation Day Planning
Aug 28 Monthly Dinner
Sep 04 Board of Directors Meeting
Sep 18 VMC & IMC Club
Sep 21 Young Eagles Rally
Sep 22 Annual Clubhouse Cleaning!
Sep 25 Monthly Dinner
Oct 02 Board of Directors Meeting
Oct 16 VMC & IMC Club
Oct 23 Monthly Dinner
Nov 06 Board of Directors Meeting
Nov 16 Concord Aviation Community Holiday Dinner!
Nov 20 VMC & IMC Club
Nov 23 Monthly Dinner
Dec 04 Board of Directors Meeting
Dec 14 Monthly Dinner
Dec 18 VMC & IMC Club

Clubhouse Garden Work Party - 2-3 Hours of Work and look how GREAT it looks!

Thank you to all of our volunteers! Ruth, Scott, Kimberly, Gary, Russ, Owen, Keri and Ruth's crew!!!

If you have a Family Membership please see our Family Membership page for instructions on adding family members, editing a family members information, and removing a family member.

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