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Meeting Information

When: January 17th, 2024 at 18:30
Where: Zoom - https://us05web.zoom.us/j/82630509843?pwd=iRfjzcqR1PETa6g5lTK1sIeubMEhPK.1


  1. VMC Scenario: Explore the nuances of Bounced Landings.
  2. VMC Question of the Month: Understand how Vx and Vy change with altitude and discover the point where they converge.
  3. IMC Scenario: Tackle the challenges of Garbled Transmissions.
  4. IMC Question of the Month: Delve into the legality and safety considerations of landing on a runway with a significant crosswind component.
  5. Open Discussion: Share experiences and insights in both VMC & IMC conditions.

VMC Question of the Month

How do V X and V Y change as an aircraft climbs to higher altitudes? What is the altitude at which V X and V Y are the same?

IMC Question of the Month

You are flying an instrument approach to a runway where the crosswind component is 20 knots. This runway is preferred due to the instrument approach available and the current low ceiling conditions. The airplane you’re flying has a published demonstrated crosswind capability of 17 knots. Is it legal to use this runway, or are you operating outside the limitations for the aircraft?


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