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Young Eagles

The Young Eagles program is sponsored by the Experimental Aircraft Association. It is designed to expose young people, ages 8 through 17, to aviation by providing free rides in private aircraft flown by experienced EAA member pilots.

Throughout the year individual EAA members give Young Eagle rides to kids they know. Many Chapters also hold Young Eagle Rallies where many kids come to get their first airplane ride and are matched up with pilots.

Most EAA Chapters hold Young Eagle rallies at their local airports. Check with your local chapter. To find your local chapter visit the EAA.

EAA393 Young Eagle flights take place in a wide variety of aircraft types and sizes.  The itinerary of each flight can vary depending upon the preferences of the individual pilot and child. Most flights are in an aircraft that carries from one to three passengers.  Young Eagles flights usually last from 20 to 45 minutes.

Most pilots allow the child to steer the airplane and parents are given the chance to meet with their child's pilot before the flight.

All Young Eagle rides are given by licensed private or commercial pilots, in aircraft that have been inspected and certified by the FAA.

Chapter 393 Young Eagle flights are scheduled in our calendar between April and September each year.   You can view the scheduled events by clicking on the Calendar link in the Menu Bar of this screen.

For more information about the Young Eagles Program (CALL 925-326-7902) or visit the EAA Young Eagles website.

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